long-tail ˈlong-tail adjective [only before a noun]
INSURANCE long-tail claims etc happen a long time after the beginning of the insurance contract, or take a long time to be settled:

Long-tail pollution claims in the US may take decades to resolve.

* * *

long-tail UK US adjective INSURANCE
happening a long time after the start of an insurance agreement, or taking a long time to be decided: a long-tail claim/risk »

This has paved the way for the company to handle old, long-tail claims.

long-tail UK US noun [U] ECONOMICS
(also Long Tail) the idea that the availability of products online has changed the economy by allowing companies to make a profit selling small quantities of many products rather than large quantities of the same product: »

Part of Virgin's success grew from carrying a diverse product line, which hints at author Chris Anderson's Long Tail theory.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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